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Cooperation between the cantonal banks of Zurich and Vaud

A press release published today by Swisscanto, the asset management arm of Zürcher Kantonalbank, announces a collaboration with Banque Cantonale Vaudoise for the management of the "Real Estate Fund Switzerland indirect" real estate investment fund.

This investment fund invests in Swiss real estate through equities and real estate funds. It enables investors to invest their money indirectly in the Swiss real estate market.

The press release quotes Iwan Deplazes, Head of Asset Management at Swisscanto, and Michel Aubry, Head of BCV's Asset Management Department, respectively:

This collaboration fosters a valuable exchange of knowledge between the Asset Management departments of the two leading Swiss cantonal banks, while at the same time increasing the attractiveness of Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Switzerland indirectly for our investors.
The synergy created by the collaboration of our two entities will enable us to offer private investors an attractive investment solution benefiting from our recognised expertise in the Swiss indirect real estate market. The new management method has been structured to meet the specific needs of private clients.

The publication states that a joint investment committee will take care of coordination, that Swisscanto will be responsible for selecting real estate funds and that Vaud Cantonal Bank will select listed real estate shares and unlisted securities.

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