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Foreigners living in Switzerland can now open an account with Neon

The mobile bank Neon continues to expand its range of services. From now on, you no longer need to be Swiss to open a current account with the 100% mobile bank! After having reconciled e-banking and ecology, the Zurich-based startup, Neon, which offers the fastest registration in Switzerland, can now boast of opening its services to the largest number of people.

Passport holders from countries such as Kosovo, Albania, Vietnam and Costa Rica can also benefit from Neon's services. People from the 12 countries recently added to the neo-bank's list will be able to register with a simple video call. In addition to the above-mentioned countries we should not forget Israel, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Armenia, the Bahamas and Jamaica.

In addition to this new feature, German, French, Italian, Austrian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch citizens can now open an account by presenting only their passport. This feature was previously reserved for Swiss citizens. However, it is still necessary to be resident in Switzerland and have a B or C permit to benefit from Neon's services.

Do you know someone who might be interested in Neon mobile banking services and who meets the criteria mentioned above? Don't hesitate to tell them! For each person from one of these 19 countries who opens a bank account before 30 April 2021 and uses your referral code (accessible from the application), you will get a credit of 20 francs on your account. Of course, the person you referred will also receive the same amount.

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