Compare the best cash reserve offers

The cash reserve allows you to have a flexible and personalised amount of money available for any type of purchase. In general, the credit organisation grants an amount made available to the borrower that he can use in full or in part. Interest is usually paid only on the part used by the customer. Unfortunately, we only found two credit offers regarding cash reserve to compare: the "Flex" offer from CREDIT-now and the Personal Loan Plus offer from Cembra. The monthly payments calculated in the comparison are defined according to the amount you indicate, but this will definitely vary according to the number and amounts of withdrawals you make.

Cash reserve criteria

CHF 10'000

36 months
Last updated: Oct 19, 2021
Rank Company Overview Rate Monthly payment Link
1 Logo Bank-now Ltd. Increase credit
Loan from CHF 1'000 to CHF 250'000
Loan interest rate from 7.9% to 9.9%
Repayment between 6 and 84 months
7.9 %
Monthly payment
CHF 311.65
2 Logo Cembra Money Bank Ltd. Cash Credit Plus
Loan from CHF 500 to CHF 20'000
Loan interest rate 51%
Repayment between 36 and 84 months
9.95 %
Monthly payment
CHF 320.44

What is a revolving credit?

The capital stock, also called revolving credit, allows the taker to have money available that can be totally or partially used if needed. The interest rate only applies to the money really taken from the reserve and the reimbursement can be done in an adaptable way.

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