Compare the best rental guarantee offers

With our rental guarantee comparative table, you can compete to find the ideal solution for your personal situation. This security deposit gives you a very high degree of financial flexibility. Indeed, this solution avoids you to block your money on a bank account, you just have to pay an annual premium to the companies listed in our comparative table. Find an advantageous offer that provides you with the same security as a bank deposit and can be cancelled at any time.

Rental guarantee criteria

CHF 3'000
Last updated: Jun 17, 2020
Rank Company Overview Annual cost Link
1 Logo AXA Insurance Ltd AXA rental guarantee
Online guarantee up to CHF 99'999
Annual cost
CHF 126.00
2 Logo Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd Rental guarantee insurance
Online guarantee up to CHF 18'000
Annual cost
CHF 126.00
3 Logo goCaution AG Rental guarantee
Online guarantee up to CHF 16'000
Annual cost
CHF 141.75
4 Logo SmartCaution SA Rental guarantee
Online guarantee up to CHF 9'999
Annual cost
CHF 175.00
5 Logo Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Security deposit guarantee residential
Online guarantee up to CHF 15'000
Annual cost
CHF 170.00
6 Logo FirstCaution SA Rental guarantee
Online guarantee without limit
Annual cost
CHF 179.00
CHF 130 for 2024
7 Logo SC, SwissCaution LTD Rental guarantee without bank deposit
Online guarantee up to CHF 20'000
Annual cost
CHF 178.50
CHF 231 for 2024

What is a rental guarantee ?

Before moving into a new property, you as a tenant must pay a rent security deposit into a blocked and inaccessible account until the lease is terminated. Very often tenants wish to use this sum for another purpose, whether for furniture or rent. The rent guarantee is an alternative to bank deposits. For this purpose, the tenant pays an annual premium to a surety company that guarantees the surety to the owner. In the event of damage, the guarantee can cover the damage up to the amount of the deposit.

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