Pillar 3b pension plan

Compare the best pillar 3b offers in Switzerland

Unlike the tied pension provision (pillar 3a), the free pension provision (pillar 3b) is an unrestricted savings plan for everyone. It is therefore not compulsory to be an employee. In addition, you have the freedom to pay in the amount you want and withdraw it at any time, without any limits imposed. You can finance the purchase of a vehicle, a property or any other project that is close to your heart. However, the tax advantages are not as attractive as for the pillar 3a and only the cantons of Geneva and Fribourg allow partial deduction of contributions from taxable income. We have selected the best offers in this comparative table to help you make the best choice for your finances.

Pillar 3b criteria

Last updated: Sep 20, 2023
Rank Company Overview Rate Link
1 Logo Crédit Agricole next bank SA 3rd pillars B Rate
2 Logo Baloise Bank SoBa AG Baloise Life Rate
3 Logo Allianz Suisse Insurance Company Ltd Pillar 3b Rate
4 Logo Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Retirement savings 3b Rate
5 Logo VAUDOISE GENERAL, Insurance Company Ltd 3rd Pillar Rate
6 Logo Swiss Life Ltd Pillar 3b Rate
7 Logo Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd Benefit Plan Rate
8 Logo Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. 3b Rate
9 Logo Swisscanto Holding Ltd. 3rd pillar 3b Rate

What is a 3rd pillar ?

Pillar 3b offers you flexibility and freedom in managing your money. It is particularly advantageous to have one in the cantons of Geneva and Fribourg, as well as for people with no income who cannot open a pillar 3a. The pillar 3b is also an attractive life insurance policy, as taxes are lower than for a linked third pillar. In addition, this pension product can be taken out for two people at the same time or to benefit a beneficiary other than oneself.

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