Loan and credit calculator

With the credit calculator of you can easily calculate the monthly instalment of a credit or your borrowing capacity, but also the duration or the interest rate of any credit. Select with the drop-down menu the informations you look for : monthly instalment, duration of the reimbursement, interest rates, or borrowing capacity. Then move the sliders just below according to your credit criteria.

Credit criteria

What are you calculating:
Loan amount:
CHF 10'000
Interest rates:
7 %
Duration of the loan:
36 months

What is a personal loan ?

A personal loan is a consumption credit contracted between two parties. The lender puts money at disposal in exchange for the reimbursement and the payment of an interest rate. In Switzerland, most of the consumption credits are ruled by the «Loi fédérale sur les crédits à la consommation » from the 23rd March 2001.

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