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Neon mobile bank wants to bring together banking and ecology

The 100% mobile bank Neon is launching on Monday 2 November neon green, a new offer combining ecology and banking products. According to Neon, it is a carbon neutral solution that is much more environmentally friendly than what can be found in the competition. The Swiss start-up, which has been active since 2018, seeks to set an example in terms of respect for the environment.

Neon green wants to innovate by including a compensation of CO2 emissions in its banking offer. Every time a customer makes a transaction, purchase or other manipulation on his account, a tree is planted for every 100 francs. Nature and outdoor enthusiasts will thus be able to shop with peace of mind, while others will also be able to contribute on their own scale to safeguarding our precious environment. And for the more curious, the number of trees planted by each person as well as the total number of trees planted will be displayed directly within the app neon. Otherwise, the neon green offer is based on the neon free offer and thus has the same advantages, such as free account opening, a free MasterCard or very low operating costs.

Please note, however, that the offer is limited and only 1750 neon green MasterCard are available at launch. In addition, it is necessary to use the crowdfunding platform wemakeit to access neon green, which is still in the pilot project stage. Fortunately, both old and new customers will be able to benefit from this new banking product designed to be ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. According to the mobile bank, the first customers should be able to access their new green bank accounts at the beginning of December this year.

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