Lienhardt & Partners Private Bank Zurich Ltd

Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG - Lienhardt & Associés Banque Privée Zurich SA - Lienhardt & Partner Banca Privata Zurigo SA

Type: Regional bank

This universal bank is based in Zurich. Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG's main activities are private banking, real estate and financial speculation. Formerly a regional bank, its activities related to traditional interests in savings and real estate lending still contribute significantly to its operating income.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Construction loanConstruction loan
Crédits de construction
See this offer
Crédits de constructionSee this offer
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
Financement immobilier
See this offer
Financement immobilierSee this offer
Pillar 3aPillar 3a
Pilier 3a
See this offer
Pilier 3aSee this offer
Vested benefits accountVested benefits account
Libre passage
See this offer
Libre passageSee this offer
Asset managementAsset management
Gestion de fortune
See this offer
Gestion de fortuneSee this offer
Investment counsellingInvestment counselling
Conseil en investissement
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Conseil en investissementSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
Rämistrasse 23
8024 Zürich
Tel:044 268 61 61
Fax:044 268 61 62
ContactImmobilienbewirtschaftung/Gestion immobilière
Rämistrasse 23
8024 Zürich
Tel:044 287 16 16
SubsidiaryLienhardt & Partner Investments AG 

Schanzenstrasse 1
3001 Bern
Tel:031 399 31 11
Fax:031 382 88 88
Contact details
  • Head office address:
    Rämistrasse 23 - 8024 Zürich
  • Tel: 044 268 61 61
  • Fax: 044 268 61 62
General information
  • Account: 30-38111-5
    Clearing: 6830
Alternative name:
  • Lienhardt PB ZH
  • Gewerbebank Zürich
  • Industrial Bank of Zurich
  • Banca Industriale di Zurigo
  • Banque Industrielle de Zurich
  • Linco AG
  • Wollimmob AG
  • Von Ernst Fund Management AG
  • BVE Capital Management SA
  • Activest Investmentgesellschaft Schweiz AG
  • Activest Société d'Investissements Suisse SA
  • Activest Investment Company Switzerland Ltd
  • Activest Società d'Investimento Svizzera SA
  • Pioneer Investments AG
  • Pioneer Investments SA
  • Pioneer Investments Ltd