Ersparniskasse Speicher

Type: Regional bank

The Ersparniskasse Speicher was founded in 1819, initially as a village bank. Since then, it has expanded beyond Speicher's borders to become a regional bank in Appenzell Ausserrhoden and, at the same time, the oldest banking institution in the canton. The Ersparniskasse Speicher provides a wide range of services for private customers.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
See this offer
MortgagesSee this offer
Savings accountSavings account
Savings account
See this offer
Savings accountSee this offer
Private accountPrivate account
Current Account
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Current AccountSee this offer
Rent deposit accountRent deposit account
Rental surety savings account
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Rental surety savings accountSee this offer
Safe deposit boxSafe deposit box
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SafesSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
HeadquartersHauptsitz Speicher
Hauptstrasse 21
9042 Speicher
Tel: 071 344 10 66
Fax: 071 344 41 22
Contact details
General information
  • Account: 90-2730-7
    Clearing: 8329
Alternative name
  • EKS