Crédit Mutuel de la Vallée SA

Type: Regional bank

Crédit Mutuel de la Vallée SA is a regional bank located in the Vaud municipality of Le Chenit and is part of the Entris Holding SA group. The bank offers several services, such as financing solutions, private and savings accounts and mortgage loans.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Personal creditPersonal credit
Individual financing
See this offer
Individual financingSee this offer
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
Real estate financing
See this offer
Real estate financingSee this offer
Savings accountSavings account
Savings account
See this offer
Savings accountSee this offer
Pillar 3aPillar 3a
3rd Pillar
See this offer
3rd PillarSee this offer
Vested benefits accountVested benefits account
2nd pillar
See this offer
2nd pillarSee this offer
Private accountPrivate account
Private account
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Private accountSee this offer
Corporate accountCorporate account
Current Account corporates
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Current Account corporatesSee this offer
Credit cardCredit card
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CardSee this offer
Safe deposit boxSafe deposit box
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SafeSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
HeadquartersHauptsitz Le Sentier
Grand-Rue 22
1347 Le Sentier
Tel: 021 845 15 00
Fax: 021 845 15 01
Contact details
  • Head office address:
    Grand-Rue 22 - 1347 Le Sentier
  • Tel: 021 845 15 00
  • Fax: 021 845 15 01
General information
  • Account: 10-2201-4
    Clearing: 6180
Alternative name
  • CMV Le Sentier