Type: Regional bank

Bank Zimmerberg is a regional bank located in Horgen, in the canton of Zurich. Other branches can be found in Hirzel and Oberrieden. Initially a cooperative, the bank was split into two separate institutions in 2001, Bank Zimmerberg on the one hand and Seelmmo and SeeGenossenschaft, now SeeBeteiligungs, on the other.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
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MortgageSee this offer
Construction loanConstruction loan
Construction loan
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Construction loanSee this offer
Savings accountSavings account
Savings account
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Savings accountSee this offer
Pillar 3aPillar 3a
Retirement 3a
See this offer
Retirement 3aSee this offer
Vested benefits accountVested benefits account
Vested benefits account 2nd pillar
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Vested benefits account 2nd pillarSee this offer
Private accountPrivate account
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AccountSee this offer
Rent deposit accountRent deposit account
Rent deposit
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Rent depositSee this offer
Credit cardCredit card
Credit card
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Credit cardSee this offer
Asset managementAsset management
Asset management
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Asset managementSee this offer
Investment counsellingInvestment counselling
Investment advice
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Investment adviceSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
HeadquartersHauptsitz Horgen
Dorfplatz 1
8810 Horgen
Tel: 044 727 41 41
Fax: 044 727 41 47
AgencyFiliale Hirzel
Vorderi Siten 1
8816 Hirzel
Tel: 044 729 70 10
Fax: 044 729 70 17
AgencyFiliale Oberrieden
Alte Landstrasse 29
8942 Oberrieden
Tel: 044 722 70 50
Fax: 044 722 70 57
Contact details
General information
  • Account: 30-38109-8
    Clearing: 6824
Alternative name
  • Sparkasse Horgen AG
  • SeeGenossenschaft Horgen
  • SeeImmo AG