Baloise Bank SoBa AG

Baloise Banque SoBa SA - Baloise Banca SoBa SA

Type: Regional bank

The Swiss Baloise Insurance Group, which counts some 3,700 employees, has been active in banking and asset management for 20 years through the Baloise Bank SoBa, originally based in Solothurn as the Solothurn Cantonal Bank. This banking institution created a mixed model that combines both insurance and banking services in various areas ranging from pension provision, insurance and asset building both for private individuals and small and medium-sized companies.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Construction loanConstruction loan
Construction loan
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Construction loanSee this offer
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
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MortgageSee this offer
Savings accountSavings account
Savings account
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Savings accountSee this offer
Term depositTerm deposit
Term deposits
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Term depositsSee this offer
Pillar 3aPillar 3a
INVEST Savings 3 (3a)
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INVEST Savings 3 (3a)See this offer
Pillar 3bPillar 3b
Baloise Life
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Baloise LifeSee this offer
Vested benefits accountVested benefits account
Vested benefits account
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Vested benefits accountSee this offer
Private accountPrivate account
Payment account
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Payment accountSee this offer
Rent deposit accountRent deposit account
Rent deposit
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Rent depositSee this offer
Credit cardCredit card
Credit card
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Credit cardSee this offer
Asset managementAsset management
Asset management
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Asset managementSee this offer
Investment counsellingInvestment counselling
Investment advice
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Investment adviceSee this offer
Mobile paymentMobile payment
TWINT Prepaid
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TWINT PrepaidSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
HeadquartersHauptsitz Solothurn
Amthausplatz 4
4500 Solothurn
Tel: 058 285 33 33
Fax: 058 285 03 33
AgencyNiederlassung Basel
Aeschengraben 25
4051 Basel
AgencyNiederlassung Bern
Murtenstrasse 143
3027 Bern
AgencyNiederlassung Langenthal
Wiesenstrasse 3
4900 Langenthal
AgencyNiederlassung Olten
Frohburgstrasse 4
4601 Olten
AgencyNiederlassung Balsthal
Herrengasse 10
4710 Balsthal
AgencyNiederlassung Bettlach
Dorfstrasse 41
2544 Bettlach
AgencyNiederlassung Biberist
Hauptstrasse 24
4562 Biberist
AgencyNiederlassung Breitenbach
Passwangstrasse 23
4226 Breitenbach
AgencyNiederlassung Derendingen
Steinmattstrasse 26
4552 Derendingen
AgencyNiederlassung Dornach
Amthausstrasse 21a
4143 Dornach
AgencyNiederlassung Granges
Centralstrasse 8
2540 Granges
AgencyNiederlassung Kriegstetten
Hauptstrasse 60
4566 Kriegstetten
AgencyNiederlassung Lohn-Ammansegg
Solothurnerstrasse 8
4573 Lohn-Ammansegg
AgencyNiederlassung Oensingen
Bienkenstrasse 22
4702 Oensingen
AgencyNiederlassung Schönenwerd
Gösgerstrasse 2
5012 Schönenwerd
AgencyNiederlassung Lausanne
Rue Pichard 13
1003 Lausanne
AgencyNiederlassung Zurich
Förrlibuckstrasse 10
8005 Zurich

Contact details
  • Head office address:
    Amthausplatz 4 - 4500 Solothurn
  • Tel: 0848 800 806
  • Fax: 058 285 03 33
General information
  • Baloise Bank SoBa AG
    Account: 45-87-4
    Clearing: 8334
  • Basler Versicherung AG
    Account: 40-1610-9
    Clearing: 8858
    IBAN: CH4909000000400016109
  • Basler Leben AG
    Account: 40-171-0
    Clearing: 8856
    IBAN: CH4609000000400001710
Alternative name
  • Solothurner Bank SoBa
  • Banca Soletta SoBa
  • Banque Soleure SoBa
  • Bank of Solothurn SoBa