Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Genossenschaft

Banque Communautaire Libre coopérative - Banca Comunitaria Libera cooperativa

Type: Other bank

The Banque Communautaire Libre is a Basel-based bank organised as a cooperative and non-profit making organisation. One of its aims is to promote charitable initiatives by granting loans at the lowest possible interest rates. The bank also serves private individuals, offering them a wide range of financial services.

Offers & services
Type Name Link
Personal creditPersonal credit
Individual loan
See this offer
Individual loanSee this offer
Construction loanConstruction loan
Construction loan
See this offer
Construction loanSee this offer
Mortgage loanMortgage loan
Mortgage loans
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Mortgage loansSee this offer
Savings accountSavings account
Savings account
See this offer
Savings accountSee this offer
Pillar 3aPillar 3a
Akanthus 3 Retirement savings account
See this offer
Akanthus 3 Retirement savings accountSee this offer
Private accountPrivate account
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AccountSee this offer
Corporate accountCorporate account
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AccountSee this offer
Branches, Subsidiaries, Agencies and Contacts
Type Name & Address Contact
Meret Oppenheim-Str. 10
4053 Basel
Tel: 061 575 81 00
Fax: 061 575 81 01
Contact details
General information
  • Account: 40-963-0
    Clearing: 8392
Alternative name
  • BCL
  • Freie Gemeinschaftsbank BCL
  • Banque Communautaire Libre BCL
  • Banca Comunitaria Libera BCL