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O banco móvel de luxo da Alpian logo verá a luz do dia

Alpian, the future mobile bank that targets a luxury clientele, recently raised 18 million US dollars from several undisclosed investors. This fundraising should considerably accelerate the market launch of this Geneva-based neo-bank.

The company, incubated by the Swiss banking group REYL, is aimed at a wealthy clientele able to invest at least 100,000 francs and which would not find its account with traditional retail banks. According to Alpian, this market of wealthy individuals is worth nearly 660 billion francs in Switzerland. All that remains for the private bank to do now is to obtain a licence from the Finma.

Alpian is pursuing a structured and cautious approach in building and launching the bank. While the Series A funding round was conducted to build the digital bank, the Series B financing is primarily aimed at launching the bank in the Swiss market. This approach ensures that Alpian will be in a strong position to provide the best service to its customers within a year after the granting of a full banking license by FINMA explains Schuyler Weiss, CEO of Alpian.

A model based on services and AI

Apart from targeting a specific clientele, what is the difference with a mobile bank like Neon, Revolut, N26 or Yapeal? While Alpian also uses technology, the company is looking to differentiate itself with more customer services. For example, it will be possible to receive advice via video conference from real, live employees.

Alpian, which had already obtained financing of 12.2 million francs in the spring of 2020, wants to combine artificial intelligence with advice given by its experts. In this way, each client will be able to build up a portfolio in line with his or her personal preferences and objectives. In addition to the basic private banking services, Alpian will allow the use of four different currencies (Swiss francs, US dollars, euros and pounds sterling) with minimal exchange fees. In addition, it will be possible to learn about a multitude of financial concepts through educational content available on the i-vest platform, also owned by Alpian.

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