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Top 10 dos bancos suíços mais importantes

Switzerland has a long and strong banking tradition, which is firmly rooted throughout the country. Whether a private, cantonal or regional bank, each one is distinguished by its size and the services it offers. This wealth and diversity of products and services enables everyone to choose the bank that best suits their needs.

Although banking secrecy was for a long time one of the most important tools of the Swiss financial centre, its demise has forced the banks to look to other solutions for the future. Asset management has since become one of the banking sector's most important tools, thus making a decisive contribution to the success of the Swiss financial centre. Assets under management represent all the assets managed by a bank.

In the table below, we have ranked the ten most important Swiss banks in terms of assets. The data are taken from the financial results of each bank for the year 2019.

Assets under management (in billions)

1 Logo UBS 903
2 Logo Pictet 576
3 Logo Credit Suisse 438
4 Logo Julius Bär 426.1
5 Logo Zürcher Kantonalbank 333.3
6 Logo Vontobel 288
7 Logo Lombard Ordier 287
8 Logo Raiffeisen 203.7
9 Logo J. Safra Sarasin 185.8
10 Logo UBP 140.3

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