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A banca móvel Neon ganha o favor da QoQa e Helvetia

Neon, the 100% mobile bank that allows users to manage their accounts with the least amount of fees from a smartphone application, has just raised five million francs. An impressive sum for the young Swiss company, which launched its banking services in 2019 and now has more than 30,000 customers.

While we find already existing investors, such as the TX Group (ex-Tamedia), others are emerging, such as QoQa and Helvetia. Neon had already collaborated with the Frenchspeaking Swiss e-commerce site QoQa by offering discounted mobile banking services. In addition, QoQa's in-depth expertise and experience will serve to accelerate the neo-bank's growth in the e-commerce sector and in French-speaking Switzerland, says Jörg Sandrock, CEO of Neon. For its part, Helvetia, one of Switzerland's leading insurance companies, had launched a mobile bancassurance solution via its digital insurance company Smile.

The tour de table confirms our path and our goal. Existing and new investors are convinced of our potential. This naturally fills us with pride. It is also a great encouragement to continue to work hard on our development in order to continue our growth and change the market
Jörg Sandrock explains enthusiastically.

This optimism can also be found on the investor side, who are firmly convinced that Neon will revolutionise Swiss banking behaviour within the next two to three years. The TX Group (ex-Tamedia) believes that what makes Neon so unique is the way it stimulates the Swiss market in a simple and secure way.

As a reminder, Neon allows you to open a bank account directly from your smartphone in less than 10 minutes. In addition, it is possible to carry out transactions in 20 different currencies and to more than 40 different countries, with fees that are consistently lower than those of the competition.

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